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With ApkCreator, you can easily create android application by using your phone or tablet! This is the best solution at the right price to everyone who want to build customized apps without coding skill.

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Welcome to ApkCreator Desktop version

To use desktop version of ApkCreator, you must have bought the application on Google Play. Also you must have register to it with your email using your order number.


Easy apps creator

One of a kind, featuring the easiest Built-in Android apps creator. Just by filling some fields, you can create your custom android apps using website or blog.

Effective managers

You now have a better control of your app with our option menu and uses-permissions manager integrated.

Monetize your apps

You can also monetize your apps by adding a Admob banner! With integrated Admob system, you only need to provide your custom Ad ID.

Useful features

We strive to develop useful features like push notifications, to stay in touch with your users, the splash screen effect & more!

5+ language support

ApkCreator provide a full support for the following languages:

Help & Support

Our gold is to provide 5★ support! Do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestion or question about ApkCreator. We are also available for custom developer service.


Here is a few screenshot of our ApkCreator app


Version 2.3.3

Released on March 31st, 2014
  • New Package name editor added
  • New Cache manager added
  • New Browser manager added
  • Fix Few new device support added
  • Fix Minor fix to register system

Version 2.3.2

Released on January 17th, 2014
  • New Added feature to set app background color
  • Fix Performance improvement
  • Fix Minor fix to register system

Version 2.3.1

Released on December 31st, 2013
  • New Desktop version now available on our website
  • Fix Minor fix to register system
  • Fix Copyright updated

Feedback from blogs & User reviews

  • "GREAT ! ! ! JUST WHAT THE PLAY STORE NEEDED ! ! ! This is the boss of all bosses. It actually works and there are no "hidden costs" or "hidden surprises"."

    Nicholas Shake Google Play Store →
  • "THE BEST app creation tool..This is THE BEST solution and Tech Support is Amazing."

    Erold de Haseth Google Play Store →
  • "Easiest Way to Build Droid Apps Works as advertised and good tech support."

    William Bowen Google Play Store →
  • "Great initiative in this kind of app! The interface is blatantly simple, keep it up!"

    Peter Warrior AppsZoom →
  • "Very good app! Nice deal for those who do not have a developper account, its avoiding them from paying the $25 Google Play fee."

    AndroidPit →


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More info about ApkCreator

Why ApkCreator?

• Pure native android source code app
• Your settings, without coding skill
• More new settings to come

• No advertisement from us!
• Custom developer service available
• Fast technical support by email

• Built-in easy Android app creator
• Monetize your app with Admob system
• Send push notifications to users

Main features

• Customizable splash screen effect
• Option menu manager integrated
• Permissions manager integrated

• More than 5 language supported
• See recent applications created
• Priority server (for faster delivery)

Demo result

If you need to see an apk demo result created by ApkCreator, you can try the app linked below. This demo is not showing all feature available.


  • Q. First step: Register

    ·First, you need to register to the software in order to be able to use it. To do so, launch the app for the first time. You will see the welcome register screen, where you need to provide two information;
    -Your main email you want to register with (only one email allowed by customers)
    -You need to include your Google Play order number confirmation. This information can be found in the email sent by google once you bought the app.
    Once we get your registration request, we will process it and add you to the database.

    Please refer to the img 1 at bottom.

  • Q. How does it work?

    ·Technically, you will need a mobile friendly website. This will be the base of your app. If your website is not adapted for phone or tab size, it will still work but wont look as good.
    ·You set the parameters needed for your app in the fields
    ·Then the ApkCreator software will generate an apk file for you. We will process it (can take 1-5 minutes max) and then you will receive your apk file through the email provided.

  • Q. Where to buy & How much does it cost?

    Currently, ApkCreator is only available to buy on the Google Play Store for all android devices at a regular price of $4.99 CAD (Price subject to change at anytime)

    Click here to access the Play Store sheet of ApkCreator.

  • Q. Is there any other fee?

    No! once you bought the full version of ApkCreator, you no longer need to pay for any other service except for custom developer needs.

    You can also buy your full source code for only $29.99. Contact us at anytime for more info.

  • Q. How to set up Admob?

    First, once you set "Admob Enabled" SDK is automaticaly added, so then you only need to provide your AD ID (not your publisher ID). This information can be found at once you created your AD banner, you will find a AD ID.

    Please refer to the img 2 at bottom.

  • Q. How to set up Push Notification?

    First, once you set "Push Notification Enabled" Parse SDK is automaticaly added, so then you only need to provide your App ID and your Client key. Those information can be found at once you registered your app there, you will find the info needed.

    Now that your app is set up for push notification, you can go to your Parse dashboard to push new notification to your app user, and see analytic results.

    Please refer to the img 3 at bottom.

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